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Best Of Houzz 2018

Best of Houzz 2018

Every year the Houzz community nominates professionals for Best of Houzz. The Best of Houzz Customer Service award honours professionals that stand out with positive client reviews for projects completed the previous calendar year. In 2017 we had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients. We are deeply grateful for their reviews, but even more so for their trust and the relationships we have built. It is our honour to receive the Best of Houzz 2018 Service award! We owe it to fantastic clients and an incredible team.

With comments like “every single one of our neighbors went out of their way to tell us how courteous and pleasant all of Fire Ant employees and trades were” and “my dog misses all the belly scratches from all the guys” we know that it is the team that makes us look good. We have the best employees and subcontractors that anyone could ask for.

Fire Ant Contracting + Caesarstone


Fire Ant Contracting + Caesarstone



Renovations With Style

This whole home renovation wouldn't be complete without the beautiful white granite countertops supplied by Caesarstone. See the full story on Caesarstone's website.



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Make Your Ensuite A Personal Spa!

Home Spa Bathroom

Peace and serenity at home often varies with different stages of life. Sometimes it can be hard to come by. Everyone needs an occasional retreat from their busy day-to-day lives to focus on their own mental state and wellbeing. Creating an oasis within your own home makes rest and relaxation that much more accessible. It was this idea that sparked the popularity of master ensuite bathrooms. Here are some of our suggestions to turn your ensuite into a personal spa.

1.       Connect with nature by using natural materials where possible. Natural wood with granite or slate countertops is a stunning combination. Consider a pebble stone shower base and alternative materials like bamboo and grass to finish and decorate the room.

2.       Use neutral tones, especially with the walls and ceilings. Colour and texture are added with accessories. ‘Natural Linen’ and ‘White Dove’ by Benjamin Moore are popular for creating a serene, soothing space.

3.       Soft fabrics bring an element of comfort. Create some privacy with some natural cotton or linen drapes. Make sure there is plenty of space for soft towels and face cloths.

4.       Oversized showers with frameless glass help maintain a fresh-air atmosphere. Multiple shower heads and body-sprays create a waterfall experience as they massage your body. Rain heads give the feeling of warm soothing rain.

5.       Steam showers combined with a shower bench create the ultimate spa experience. Sit quietly and mediate in the warmth of your private steam room.

6.       Heated floors are growing in popularity. The warm surfaces are extremely comfortable and add to the spa experience.

7.       Add your own private salon with a designated makeup area. A well-lit mirror and vanity can be integrated with a hair dryer, curling tongs, and storage for a straightener. Remember to include additional power outlets in your design!

2017 Custom Renovations

A selection of our custom renevation projects from 2017.

What Kind of Windows?

Calgary Window Repairs

When it comes to your windows, how much do you actually know? There are a variety of building materials used in window construction, and they each have their own features and benefits. Knowing what you have can help you properly maintain your windows and achieve their maximum useful lifespan. Knowing what is available will help you know what you want in your home when it is time to replace the windows.

PVC Windows

Using PVC materials in window construction has made it a lot more affordable to replace your windows. PVC is durable and easy to maintain. The entire window unit is made from the same material and is most commonly produced in a white or in a slightly off-white colour. Additional PVC colours are uncommon and are usually discouraged due to the eventually fading. PVC windows do not require any paint and they can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

 Aluminum Clad Windows

Aluminum clad windows use aluminum components on the exterior side of the window and wood components on the interior. The aluminum can be painted any colour during the production process, which gives you more options for design. The wood components act as a natural insulator and make the windows easy to install. It is crucial to ensure that the windows are properly sealed. We have seen some poorly designed windows that allow water to penetrate into the wood components causing them to rot.

Hybrid Windows

Hybrid windows are a combination of aluminum and PVC, bringing you the best of both materials. The aluminum exterior provides additional strength and can be produced in virtually any colour. The interior comes in white or off-white and is low maintenance and easy to clean. Hybrid windows are also generally less expensive than traditional aluminum clad windows.

Interior Jambs

Both the PVC Windows and the Hybrid Windows are able to incorporate a wood jamb interior. The wood can be painted or stained to match your existing themes. 

Energy Efficiency & Glazing

In Alberta it is required by law to have at least double-pane windows. The additional pane creates a thermal insulation against the low winter temperatures. Argon gas is used between the panes for maximum energy efficiency. An energy efficient home presents a more comfortable environment and costs less to maintain (heating and AC expenses). It is also better for the environment. Many homeowners are taking the next step to a triple-pane window for additional efficiency. The additional pane adds an extra layer of thermal insulation and also reduces the solar heat gain.

Calgary Home + Garden Show

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Visit Us At The Calgary Home + Garden Show

March 01-04, 2018

We will be at the Calgary Home + Garden show this year with our brand new Fire Ant Contracting Booth. The show promises a stellar lineup of speakers and celebrities with exhibitors from all over Calgary. Come see us for the latest in home renovations, including virtual tours of our recently completed projects.

Click the image to get $4 off admission to the show!! 

Calgary Renovation Show 2018

Visit Us At The Calgary Renovation Show!

January 12-14, 2017

We look forward to taking part in the Calgary Renovation Show this year from January 12th to the 14th at the BMO Centre. The show promises to bring together inovative products and hundreds of experts all under one roof. Come by our booth and pay us a visit. We have some some exciting new ways to show you what we've been up to and what you can do in your home!

Click the image to get $4 off admission to the show!! 

Calgary Renovation Show | Fire Ant Contracting

Why Choose A Renomarkā„¢ Contractor?

logo renomark

The RenoMark checkmark is a badge of honour for home renovation contractors in Canada. It identifies renovation contractors who have agreed to a specific Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. The benefit for homeowners is that they get to choose from contractors that are all committed to the same standard of excellence and customer service. But what exactly is different about Renomark contractors?

  • Contractors must be a member of the Building Industry Land Development Association (BILD) and be in good standing. As members of BILD they have access to the latest industry information including renovation practices and design trends.

  • Contractors must abide by the BILD code of ethics [link]. This gives extra assurance that your contractor is looking out for your best interest and will act ethically throughout the entire project.

  • All projects must include a written contract with a detailed scope of work. This not only helps the project to stay organized, but it also protects the homeowners interest in case of a dispute.

  • All work must carry a minimum of two wears warranty. This is a full year more than what is required by law. The result is that contractors are more committed to doing the work right and homeowners have a guarantee in case anything is found later.

  • Contractors are required to have a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance. This will cover any damage that may be caused by the contractor or their employees throughout the project. We’ve all heard the stories of what happens when damage is caused and there is no insurance…

  • There must be a commitment to workplace safety. This includes maintaining safe jobsites and also carrying appropriate coverage for employees and subcontractors (WCB). Safety for the employees extends to safety for homeowners and their guests throughout the renovation.

  • Phone calls must be returned within two business days. There is nothing worse than trying to get information from a contractor who does not communicate. The commitment to being prompt gives homeowners peace of mind and keeps contractors accountable.

Seeing Is Believing

"The best predictor of future behaviour is relevant past behaviour”. Thank you Dr. Phil!

When it comes to working with a contractor we believe that this is also the case. This is why we always encourage clients to look at reviews as well as past work from any contractor that they are considering hiring. Poor workmanship and bad communication are hard habits to break. If a contractor cannot show you past examples of what you would like to do in your home then be careful. If the same contractor has no references and bad reviews then be doubly careful.

Keep in mind that different companies have different styles and create different customer experiences throughout the process. The best way to experience a contractor prior to signing with them is to tour a project. Visit their jobsite or a recently completed project to get a feeling for the quality of workmanship you can expect. True craftsmanship is evident in the small details and how everything integrates. Pay attention to the details.

We would love to invite you to tour our most recent kitchen renovation in Royal Oak. Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy. Click “play” on the virtual tour below and move around the room. This was a complete main-floor renovation that involved moving a wall to add more space to the kitchen. We are thrilled with the results

To see the entire story of this renovation click here.

Check Your Windows

Window failure is a serious concern that leads to water penetration and wood rot. The longer it is left unchecked, the more damage it causes. Certain homes in Calgary have been built with windows that contain an inherent flaw. This flaw allows water to penetrate beneath sheething into the wooden framing components of your home.

What To Look For:

  1. Metal clad wood windows
  2. Crank mechanism with rusty screws
  3. Stains and marks on the stucco (or other sheathing) beneath the window
  4. Warped hardwood flooring beneath the window area

Hear It From The Expert:

What To Do:

If you suspect any problems with your windows or have questions then don't wait to get in touch! Our team will come by and provide a detailed report of your current window conditions and any required remediation.

The Contractor Checklist

Choosing a Renovations Contractor in Calgary

Don’t Risk It!

Everyone has either had or knows someone who has had a bad experience with a renovations contractor. In the Calgary area, the residential renovations industry is highly fragmented, meaning that there are a lot of smaller companies competing for business. To be competitive on price some contractors will try to take “shortcuts”. Others will cut out key elements of the renovation process and dump the consequences on the homeowners. Hiring a contractor is not a gamble. You are in control of the quality of contractor you end up with. By paying attention to the following elements you are setting yourself up for a great experience.

Licensed & Insured

This should be every homeowner’s minimum requirement when hiring a contractor. It is illegal for a contractor to operate without a license or the proper insurance. Liability insurance covers any injuries or property damage that may occur. The industry standard for liability insurance is $2,000,000.


Contractors are required by law to provide a one-year warranty on labour. The industry standard is two-years, which promotes better workmanship and longer-term relationships. A contractor should be able to provide you with warranty information with a written commitment that it will be honored.

Choosing a Renovations Contractor in Calgary

Worker’s Compensation (WCB)

A clearance letter from WCB-Alberta will indicate if a contractor has coverage and is in good standing with their account. If you do not have a clearance letter and the contractor has not paid their premiums, you could be liable for those premiums.

Code Of Ethics

A code of ethics is a commitment to abide by additional standards beyond any legal requirements or obligations. It is a document that outlines key ethical elements and states how the contractor upholds each.

Written Fixed-Price Contract

A written contract serves to protect both the homeowner and the contractor. It should include a detailed description of the scope of work. A fixed-price contract covers the entire scope of work under the price stated in the contract. There is no unsurety of the final costs.

History, Reviews & Examples Of Work

A contractor that has been involved with local home renovations for any amount of time should be able to provide reviews from past clients and examples of past work. A strong history supports a contractor’s credibility and validates their expertise and knowledge within the industry.
Choosing a Renovations Contractor in Calgary


One of the biggest factors leading to dissatisfaction is poor communication throughout the renovation process. The contractor should clearly communicate and respond in a timely manner. If you are experiencing poor communication prior to a project commencing, don’t expect anything to change once the project starts.

Association Membership

There are some local and national associations committed to upholding high standards within the construction industry and maintaining accountability among their members.

RenoMark™ Renovators

The RenoMark™ checkmark is a badge of honour for home renovation contractors in Canada. It identifies renovation contractors who have agreed to a specific Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. RenoMark™ contractors are knowledgeable of current trends, materials and regulations affecting the industry. Look for this badge.

COR Certified - What It Means

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A Certificate of Recognition is given to employers that meet the provincial standards for health and safety. To become COR certified an employer has to put a program in place and have it audited by a qualified specialist. The certification is maintained by repeat audits after the first year and then every three years. Health and safety has always been a major priority for Fire Ant Contracting. We are proud to carry the COR badge as of May, 2017.

COR Certified Companies

Our health and safety management system considers every individual who steps foot on our jobsite. With our sign-in sheets we know who is coming and going and who is still on-site. We keep safety equipment including fire extinguishers on-site at all times and in multiple locations if necessary. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used by all employees and any persons visiting the jobsite. Signage is put in place to identify hazards and promote procedural safety measures.

We believe that jobsite safety is facilitated through education. Training and proper supervision within our own team reduces mistakes on every level. We also work with homeowners so that they know what will be happening in their home at all times and what will be expected of them while work is taking place. Another key factor is communication. We maintain open lines at all times for homeowners and building residents. If something appears unusual we want to know about it right away. Our team members are also trained to identify issues and proactively get the word out.

If you have any questions about health and safety during the renovation process please don’t hesitate to ask. In the end safety depends on cooperation on all sides. Our COR certification demonstrates our commitment.

Further Ressources:

Bungalow Renovation Virtual Tour


Take A Tour

Take a tour of a recent whole-home renovation in Wildwood, Calgary. This dated 1970s bungalow was transformed into a contemporary masterpiece. Make sure you stop by the kitchen, master-bathroom, and basement wetbar to see some stunning features!


Home Improvement Rebate Program

Home Improvement Rebates

Fire Ant Contracting Ltd is very proud to announce we are listed as an approved, participating contractor for the Energy Efficiency Alberta Home Improvement Rebates programme.  

 This great initiative was launched to encourage Alberta homeowners to make energy efficient home improvements with a CASH back incentive!

Windows - Upgrade to new, ENERGY STAR® triple pane, low-e, argon windows at valuable savings.  Installed correctly, window upgrades increase home value, increase air-tightness, reduce energy loss, and reduce road noise. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR® triple pane, low-e, argon windows will provide greater energy savings as the area of the home covered by windows increases and based on the current windows you have in your home.

Insulation - Improve the insulation in your attic, on your above-grade walls and in the basement for a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.  Investing in insulation upgrades will increase your family’s comfort, reduce your energy expenses, and increase your home’s value. Best of all there’s typically no maintenance: just energy savings and better comfort for decades.

Energy Efficiency Alberta’s rebates are available for insulation added to a home’s attic, main walls, basement or pony walls. Your rebate will be based on where the insulation is applied, how much insulation is added, and how many square feet receive the upgrade

Tankless Hot Water Heater- An ENERGY STAR®-approved tankless water heater gives your home the incredible advantage of never running out of hot water—and it’s the most cost-effective way to heat water to boot.  Tankless hot water systems take up less space, waste less energy and may even provide hot water faster than conventional systems. Domestic hot water upgrades to ENERGY STAR® tankless systems present a tremendous energy-saving opportunity over older, storage tank systems, especially those equipped with standing pilot lights.

 Please visit the website to find more information.  Please contact us to get a complimentary quote.  (403) 312-5995 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Basement Development with a Hidden Safe!

Hidden Creek Point 3 Edit Low Res jpg

We are very pleased to share this new photo with you! 

We recently completed this basement development in NW Calgary, it was an extra special project as it contained an existing built in safe which we incorporated into this beautiful basement development.

Cindy of Purple Turtle Design produced drawings for this lovely, open plan living area with ample storage (I have never seen that many built in cabinets in one basement!), a guest bedroom, full bathroom and safe room.  An oversized custom sliding door was installed on custom wall tracks which slides along the length of the wall to cover the safe door.  Dark stained maple was used throughout for two large built ins, the custom door, the stair railing and the bathroom vanity. A light, neutral wall colour was painted on all walls in the basement to provide a light, airy feel.  

There is lots of room for this young family to play!

A day as a Blacksmith!

Blacksmith Fire Ant Contracting

We work with the best crafts men and women in the Province!

We are lucky enough to work with some specialist craftsmen who sometimes invite us to try out the trade! Mark at Mystic Forge taught Ed some blacksmithing skills at his awesome workshop in rural Alberta.  

Wow, what an experience! 

Mark creates the most amazing custom pieces, from staircases and tables to railings and gates, all custom, all handmade.  

Contact Fire Ant Contracting for a quote on incorporating a custom piece into your next renovation.

Visit the Mystic Forge Website for some inspiration!

NKBA Industry Event at Porcelanosa

Luxury tile

Thank you so much Porcelanosa Calgary for hosting our NKBA Prairie Provinces Chapter industry event.  These NKBA events are a great way to network amount industry professionals and learn about a subject of interest; as we were at Porcelanosa we had a seminar on the manufacturing of tile.  We were shown fascinating videos taken from their tile factory in Spain, Europe.  We also learnt more about the on-trend extra large format tiles which are currently being installed throughout the City.

Thank you NKBA - looking forward to the next event!


100 Women Who Care Calgary

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Sara was honoured to be invited to join the 100 Women Who Care founders Christy and Alison for the cheque presentation to The Calgary Counselling Centre.  Wow $22,100 to this amazing centre where everyone can reach out for help, even if they don't have the financial means.  We were taken on a tour of the beautiful down town facility and saw directly where our members donations will be used to expand essential services.  

Ladies - Join us at the next 100 Women Who Care meeting on 22nd February 2017 at 7pm, Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club, Fire Ant will be providing delicious treats!


The Fire Ant Team

Fire ant team

What a great team!

We are very proud of our group of guys and girls that make up the Fire Ant team.  

We are a diverse team of talented people from a variety of back grounds, many of which who have been with us for many years.  Lots of our return clients love seeing the same faces come back to complete further phases of their home renovations. 

Our team is divided up between the office and various job sites in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Thank you Team Fire Ant for the great job that you do!

Dedicated to our customers.



Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility

Rocky Ridge Rec Centre

As proud members of the Calgary Construction Association we were invited to an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the construction site of the Rocky Ridge Recreation Facility.  The contemporary structure is truly impressive!

The new facility is due to open in 2017 and will house 2 ink rinks, 2 swimming pools, a library, gyms and a theatre.

We are excited to visit again when it opens next year.

Thank you to CCI for organising this informative tour.


Calgary Home and Design Show 2016

Home and Design Show 2016

We had a very successful few days at the 2016 Calgary Home and Design Show at the BMO Centre.

Here are a few photos from the great weekend meeting new clients, chatting with trade partners and talking renovations!

Thank you to our wonderful booth sponsors for making our show so successful.

We featured a contemporary custom walnut and painted kitchen with quartz countertops and a striking stainless steel backsplash.




New website for our Restoration Division!

front proof

Visit our new website!

We are very excited to launch our new website dedicated to our Restoration Division.

Our Restoration Division is proud to offer a variety of renovation, maintenance and emergency response services.




Home and Design Show

Home Show

Visit us at the Home and Design Show!

As part of Family Day on Sunday we will hosting a colouring competition!

 Visit our booth to enter to win a gift basket!

Clink on the link for a discount on tickets.




Kids Cancer Care Camp Kindle Visit

Fire ant kids cancer care

Ed and Sara were honoured to be invited to a tour, BBQ lunch (with ice cream!) and meet the kids at beautiful Camp Kindle.

We love Camp Kindle!  Fire Ant Contracting have been lucky enough to visit Camp Kindle on many occasions; Ed and Sara were filmed as part of their television advertisement a few years ago and Fire Ant renovated the beautiful music hall. 

The highlight of this particular visit was to meet the amazing kids who are directly affected by childhood cancer and their very enthusiastic camp counsellors!


Camp Kindle is avilable to rent for corporate functions, team building, school groups, weddings etc.

Visit their website Camp Kindle



Fire Ant Contracting 24-7 Emergency Response

Fire Ant emergency response

Fire Ant Contracting is very proud to offer a fantastic 24-7 Emergency Response Service. 

Fire Ant provides an efficient, reliable, professional service that will put your mind at ease in any emergency. 

 Fire Ant responds to floods, sewer back ups, mould remediation, asbestos abatement, wind damage, structural concerns, break in damage and any emergency maintenance. 

 Fire Ant is fully trained in water remediation, asbestos abatement & mould remediation.  Our renovation division can take of any repairs or re-builds as necessary. 

 We provide professional Xactimate invoicing and quoting so fully supported by insurance companies. 

(587) 999-6490

Fire Ant Booth: Calgary Home and Design Show

Home and design show

Visit us at booth #326 at the Calgary Home and Design Show!

We will have a beautful custom, contmporary walnut kitchen on display and our renovation and designer experts to discuss your project with.

Calgary Home and Design Show

Thursday 22nd September 2016 - Sunday 25th September 2016

BMO Centre Calgary




In Remembrance: Jack Davies

jack davies

Jack Davies

1st August 1953 – 17th June 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the news of the passing of our colleague and friend Jack Davies. Jack died peacefully in his sleep on Friday 17th June 2016. On behalf of us here at Fire Ant we have passed on our heartfelt condolences to his family especially his children and wife of over 40 years, Anne....

Jack will be deeply missed here; leaving behind fond memories of working together as an integral part of the Fire Ant team. Jack worked at the Calgary Herald for 39 years and joined the Fire Ant team in February 2014. Jack always had a smile on his face and was highly regarded by everyone he had the opportunity to meet. Jack was a great role model; he was loyal, hardworking, reliable as well as being very skillful.

This is truly a great loss to our company and to the community as a whole.

The Fire Ant Team




100 Women Who Care

100 women who care

100 Women Who Care Calgary

Fire Ant Contracting is very proud to be a long standing sponsor of the 100 Women Who Care Calgary Chapter.

A fantastic group of women meet 4 times a year for just one HOUR, each member donates $100 to a nominated charity and that charity gets a lovely cheque for over $10,000!!  Since the Calgary group started we have raised over $200,000 for local charities.  We always welcome new members, contact Sara if you have any questions or would like to join her at the next meeting.

See their Website for more information.


Take a look at our new magazine!


We're very happy to present to you our brand new Fire Ant Contracting Magazine!

Click on the front cover image to take a look.

If you are interested in getting a printed version, contact us today.


Christmas Adventure!

christmas adventure

January 2016

What a fun adventure!

We took our hardworking Fire Ant team to beautiful Golden in British Columbia as a post Christmas celebration.  It was a great opportunity to relax and enjoy each other's company without the usual distractions.  We went snow mobiling, skiing, snow boarding and shared delicious home cooked food.


2015 Alberta Condominium and Real Estate Conference

CCI Conference

Fire Ant Contracting were very proud to be Gold Level sponsor for the 'Building Stronger Relationships' 2015 Alberta Condominium and Real Estate Conference.  Fire Ant were promoting our condominium services division. 

Fire Ant offers a multitude of condominium specific services such as:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Investigation and Inspection Services
  • Building Envelope Specialists
  • Full service exterior and interior renovations.
  • LED Lighting Specialists
  • Preventative and proactive maintenance.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific condominium needs.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(403) 312-5995

Varisty Home Renovation with Addition


Fire Ant Contracting are very proud to share our latest whole home renovation with an addition, a home for a beautiful family in Calgary's NW community of Varsity.  We transformed this dated family home into a contemporary living space with luxury finishes.  We vastly increased the square footage of this home by extending the garage to the front of the property and adding two bedrooms above.  Beautiful walnut is featured throughout, stunning against the white tones on the walls and countertops.

Thank you for trusting Fire Ant Contracting with your beautiful home transformation!

It's a Girl!

IMG 5776

We are very proud to introduce the newest Fire Ant Contracting team member Annie Patricia Diana Bushnell.

Annie joined our family on 4th August 2015.  Her big brothers are very happy to have a little sister to play with.

Thank you for all the kind wishes from clients, trades and employees.




Luxury Home Renovation

Haysboro Renovation

We were lucky enough to transform this original 1960s Haysboro, Calgary home into a fresh contemporary dream.  

The original kitchen was dated and the fixtures/appliances needed a drastic upgrade.  The clients selected some beautiful stainless steel, state of the art appliances which our interior designer seamlessly designed the new paint grade custom cabinetry around.  A beautiful white glass backsplash tile in a fishtail design covers all the exposed walls, countertop to ceiling. Clean, off white quartz countertops with a curved eating bar complement the fresh colours throughout.  New oak hardwood with a contemporary stained finish was installed throughout the main floor.

The original black and white floor inspired this beautiful mosaic tile bathroom floor laid in a geometric pattern.  We said goodbye to the pink bath tub, toilet and sink and replaced them with clean WHITE fixtures.  Our designer created this beautiful two tone upper/lower custom bathroom vanity with a lower stained section and a built in upper paint grade upper with an integrated mirror, storage and lighting.  Behind the toilet are three custom stained floating shelves for additional bathroom storage and decorative items.  White subway wainscoting throughout the whole bathroom completes this bathroom beautifully.



Camp Kindle

A beautiful Testimonial from Christine McIver M.S.M. CFRE Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Please see the 5 Star review below from our Fire Ant Contracting Houzz Page

Relationship: Client

Project Date: January 2015

Project Price: $50,000 - $100,000

Kids Cancer Care Foundation hired Fire Ant Contracting Ltd. to renovate both the interior and exterior of our Music Hall at Camp Kindle (a camp for children with cancer and their families). From start to finish, our team was impressed by the communication (face-to-face meetings, telephone and email) as it was timely and concise. The work was done as described, the quality excellent and the follow up thorough. We were pleased with the price and service and would be happy to contract with them again.

To find out more about Camp Kindle please check out their website: Camp Kindle

Luxury Renovation Seminar

Renovation Seminar

Thinking of renovating...?  You are cordially invited to this exclusive Luxury Renovation Seminar on Saturday 30th May in Varsity at 10:30am.  There will be a panel of experts on hand to impart their industry wisdom.  

Real Estate Professional Cliff Stevenson from Cliff Stevenson Group

Mortgage Specialist Rylan Hahn from Roost Mortgage

Architectural Designer Kathy Yeun from Phase One Design

Renovation Consultant Chris DeVries from Fire Ant Contracting  

Please share this invitation with anyone looking at investing in a home renovation.

Continuing Education

NKBA BA Robinson Event

Fire Ant Contracting are proud members of the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association. Our local chapter, Prairie Provinces puts on engaging and informative events for its members including professional networking and continuing education evenings.

Ed and Sara recently attended a great event held at BA Robinson Lighting and Bath Centre in South East Calgary. The evening started with a delicious selection of drinks and canapes, we were then separated into 6 groups and flowed through talks on the latest trends and technologies in showering, bathing, kitchens, LED lighting and using pendants in design.

Thank you for hosting this great event BA Robinson Lighting and Bath


Kids Cancer Care Gala

Kids Cancer Care Fire Ant Contracting

Fire Ant Contracting proudly sponsors Kids Cancer Care Gala 

Fire Ant were fortunate to be sponsors of the incredible Kids Cancer Care Parents Quest for the Cure Gala on Saturday 7th March 2015.  This is the third year that we have partnered with this great event which raises funds for childhood cancer research.  Fire Ant hosted a wonderful tables of Fire Ant clients and suppliers who were wined and dined at the Westin downtown Calgary.  We heard from a brave cancer survivor family who eloquently spoke about their cancer journey with their six year old son.  A specialist research doctor spoke about where the research money is going and the huge effect it is having on families throughout Canada and the rest of the world.  

Fire Ant Contracting sponsored the silent auction which runs through an advanced tablet technology from Daana, we are looking forward to hearing the final fundraising amount.

Fire Ant donated 'The Ultimate Tool Kit' of hand picked tools and Fire Ant merchandise worth over $1000, thank you to the guest who won the item bidding $1,200!  


Bears Paw Ensuite and Walk In Closet

Luxury Ensuite

Luxury Asian Inspired Ensuite and GIANT Walk in Closet

Fire Ant Contracting were fortunate enough to renovate a master bedroom ensuite bathroom and walk in closet.  The master bedroom suite layout was completely re-designed by our talented designer Cindy MacKenzie from Purple Turtle Designs; a badly designed closet was transformed into an open plan, spacious closet room complete with ample hanging space and a HUGE centre island for even more storage.

Our designer was inspired by the client's love of Asian artifacts and bold colours.  The standalone tub becomes a focal point at one end of the oversized bathroom, the symmetrical double vanity welcomes you as you pull apart the contemporary maple barn doors, a very large steam shower with family size bench is located next to a functional make up area.



Camp Kindle Music Hall Renovation

Camp Kindle Renovation

Fire Ant Contracting have been busy working on the Kids Cancer Care Alberta Camp Kindle Music Hall renovation.  Fire Ant has been enjoying the beautiful location of this amazing camp which was specifically designed and built for families with childhood cancer.  The facilities are also open year round for corporate events, weddings, group events etc.  

Thank you Kids Cancer Care Alberta for trusting Fire Ant with your precious Camp Kindle Music Hall - doesn't it look great!

Please visit the Camp Kindle website for more information.