In The Beginning

In The Beginning…

A cute little bungalow sits just off of 17th Avenue SW in the quiet and established community of Wildwood. Born in the 70’s, this home is a fan of single bathrooms, small kitchens, faux-wood paneling and eclectic floor coverings. Over the years the community has been changing. The ideal location lead to some major renovations and infills for neighboring homes. This little bungalow watched the homes around it change, dutifully protecting the family inside. Deep within the wooden studs and beams holding it together, it knew that it would one day be given a chance to shine.

The Exterior

Whitewashed wooden siding surrounds the house, with original asphalt shingles, original windows, and pretty much everything else original.  There is a well maintained lawn in the front and back and a detached garage.

Wildwood Exterior

The Kitchen

To make using the kitchen easy they’ve got the fridge, oven, and dishwasher all in the same corner. Just don’t plan on using them at the same time. The boxed area above the cabinets hides the empty space. The floors are covered with a classy geometric linoleum that matches the  greyish-green paint throughout the main floor.

Wildwood Kitchen 01

The Bathroom

This little bathroom has everything you love (or hate) about Calgary home design in the 1970s - fancy linoleum floors; wall-paper with a decorative border; a metal medicine cabinet mounted above the sink; and best of all… a toilet seat that matches the walls. This is truly an authentic piece of history.

Wildwood Bathroom 01

The Basement

This basement was used as an entertainment center for decades. The cable hanging on the wall gives away the location of the television and the worn areas of carpet identify furniture locations and traffic patterns. This fairly open space would also be ideal as a play area for children.

Wildwood Basement 01

An Office?

We are not entirely sure what this room was used for, but we know that it had style. The zig-zag vinyl floor tiles and the dark orange paint colour make it feel like a home office. This room is connected to the basement TV room. The white ceiling tiles are consistent throughout the basement level and the light trim pieces are yet another indication of the original style.

Wildwood Office 01

What Will It Become?

This little bungalow has a lot of potential. Imagine how you could redesign this home and stay tuned to see what it will become!

The Dream

The Dream

This cute little bungalow will finally get it's chance to become something great. With a complete redesign including a small addition this bungalow will become a contemporary masterpiece.

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

The entire main floor has been redesigned with a small addition to make way for this open-concept kitchen/living space. The custom cabinetry sets the footprint for the kitchen area.

Take A Tour

Take A Tour

This little bungalow has completely transformed. The whole-house renovation is complete and the results are stunning. Take a tour through the house and see how it has changed. Make sure to stop by the kitchen, the master-bathroom, and the wetbar downstairs to see some stunning features.