In The Beginning

In The Beginning…

This beautiful Royal Oak home was purchased as a spec home 13 years ago by our clients for their young and growing family. As time passed they were able to make some improvements, including a fully developed basement and a new deck with a hot tub. The original design was maintained throughout the main and second floors. We will be renovating the main floor which is made up of a kitchen, TV room, and a dining/living room. Part of the excitement comes from looking at the original design and imagining all the possibilities.

The Kitchen

The current kitchen design contrasts light wood finishes with dark granite and appliances. The morning sun comes through the window to illuminate the room and accentuate the natural wood grain in the cabinetry and floors. A square island sits in the middle of the kitchen providing extra counter space and storage. The kitchen is separated from the dining/living room by a wall with an arched opening, and partially separated from the TV room by a half-wall and column.


The Living Room

A central element of the original design was white columns and curved archway features throughout the home. These are best seen from the dining/living area. Since this space is separated from the rest of the main floor it was often used as storage for hockey and other equipment.

Living Room.jpg

The TV Room

This room also has a column which serves to disguise a support post. The half-wall provides some openness while still separating the two rooms. The wall also serves to create a more natural look for the column. The main feature of the TV room is a gas-burning fireplace finished with ceramic tile. The fireplace is framed by white columns and a mantle to match the white millwork.

TV Room.jpg

The Floors

From the entrance to the kitchen they have natural hardwood maple flooring. In the middle of the kitchen there is a mysterious piece that is noticeably darker than everything else. The mystery of the dark piece is supported by the fact that no one knows why it was placed there. The hardwood transitions smoothly to carpet in the dining/living room and the TV room.

Floor Accent.jpg

Stay Tuned...

There is a lot of potential for this home. Think about how you would renovate the main floor and stay tuned to see how it turns out!

The Dream

The Dream

After 13 years of a growing family the needs and wants of homeowners tend to change. All you need is a reason to do something about it. In this case it was a leaky dishwasher. Unfortunately the hardwood floors were damaged by the water. What started as a discussion about new floors soon become a kitchen renovation that would affect the entire main floor. The owners felt like the dining/living room was underutilized and wanted to make better use of that space. They had always enjoyed cooking together, but felt that their kitchen couldn’t accommodate two chefs. With the help of Cindy at Purple Turtle Design they were able to design something truly remarkable. They will finally be able to have the kitchen of their dreams.

More Space

Removing the load-bearing wall between the kitchen and the dining/living room will open up the main floor and let the natural light spread throughout the home. The kitchen can then be extended into space that was scarcely used. The cabinetry and appliances will extend along the wall and a new elongated island will be build right across where the wall currently divides the two rooms. The island alone will double the amount of counter space. The owners will be able to prepare and cook all kinds of recipes together with nothing holding them back.


Another setback of the current floorplan is a lack of seating for guests. What good is being able to cook if there is no one to share it with? The owners have always wanted to be able to entertain and have guests. Removing the half-wall between the kitchen and TV room will allow for larger furniture and the new kitchen island will have room for 5 bar-stools. Guests will also be able to move freely throughout the entire  floor. Imagine the parties and family gatherings!

A New Look

The owners were drawn to dark kitchen designs but wanted to maintain some of the light wood throughout the home. To tie everything together the main level floors will be redone with a hand-scraped natural walnut hardwood.The kitchen will continue with darker cabinetry, contrasted by lighter selections for the granite countertops and a natural stone backsplash. The result will be a true masterpiece.

Maintaining A Legacy

The owners have a kitchen table that they have kept since their childhood. The surface has been refinished, but everything else is original. The table has become a legacy that has been well maintained and will be kept in the family throughout the generations. With its heirloom status this table must be kept as part of the kitchen. This part of the dream brings more meaning into the renovations. Imagine what new memories will be made for this family here in their new kitchen.

The Table.jpg

*Renderings provided by Purple Turtle Design

Demolition Day

Demolition Day

The team is removing cabinets prior to opening up the dividing wall. You can already get a sense for the space we will have to work with.

Sneak Peak

Kitchen Cabinets

After opening up the wall between the former kitchen and dining room, the cabinets and kitchen island are ready to be installed. The elongated island passes through where the wall used to be.

Sneak Peak

Hardwood Floors

The hand-scraped natural walnut hardwood floors look fantastic and bring this project one step closer to completion.

hand-scraped natural walnut

hand-scraped natural walnut

file 2

Final Product

A Dream Becomes Reality

With the completion of this main-floor renovation the homeowners are able to experience the dream that started them down this path. 

Royal Oak Final

Take A Tour

Take A Tour

This main floor is a dream for entertaining and the kitchen can finally accomodate more than one chef. The redesigned layout presents significantly more space and has created opportunities for some stunning features. Take a walk through and see for yourself.