In The Beginning...

The Community

This story is a familiar one. Many of you have experienced it, or know someone who has. It takes place in the quiet suburb of Cranston in southeast Calgary. Cranston, at one point, was the farthest southeast community in the city. It brought together young families with new starter homes and retirees wanting a change of scenery. Over 10 years later it is now also one of the largest communities in Calgary.

Cranston Calgary | Home Renovation

The Family

The story of a home often reflects the story of the family that it houses. Since it was constructed in 2005 this home has known only one family. In the early years it was a playground and a treasure trove with toys scattered around. As the children grew older it became a central dispatch center with continuous coming and going. After some time the busy household shifted towards a quieter, more peaceful setting. The home continues to support it’s family, but what was once a young family with children has blossomed into a mature couple with young adults.

Calgary Family | Home Renovation

The Basement

Like most of the homes in the area, this home was built with an unfinished basement. It remained unfinished as the family grew, and took a supporting role as a storage and workout space. With more time and resources available to invest into the house the owners are ready to promote the basement from its supporting role to become a main feature. The unfinished basement is now a blank canvas. The owners are free to express themselves as they customize the basement to suit their needs.

Cranston Calgary Basement Development

Cranston Calgary Basement Development

Enter Fire Ant Contracting

As a contractor we value the opportunity to be part of the story for each home we work on. We were first introduced to this this home in 2007 when we were asked to build a built-in wall unit in the back hallway. Being able to return ten years later to take on the basement is a great honour. We look forward to this project and can’t wait to see what the basement will become.

The Dream

The Dream

Becoming “empty nesters” is a significant and defining point in any couple’s life. How you choose to approach this point can impact how enjoyable it is for you. It is also a significant time for any family home. The needs of the family change as children grow up and move out. For these homeowners in Cranston and their faithful home, it became a time to explore the hidden potential of the unfinished basement.

Let’s Get Cozy


Imagine watching the game or your favorite Netflix series in peace and quiet with your favorite person and a warm fire. This is where the dream starts for these homeowners. A gas fireplace with built-in cabinets framed by some natural stone will be the focal point of the main room. Some comfortable furniture will make it the perfect place to sit back and relax with a glass of wine.

Speaking Of Wine…


It was Oprah Winfrey who said “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”. In this case the homeowners both share a passion for wine. It only makes sense that they would incorporate their shared passion into their home. Following the same thematic elements the wine room will have custom built-in cabinetry and natural stone.

Bring It On


It was Judah Friedlander who said “I’m an extra dark black belt in ping pong”. He may have some stiff competition now because another passion for these homeowners is their love of the game… and if you don’t think that ping pong and wine are a good mix then you are in for a surprise. The games area in this basement has been specifically designed to accommodate a regulation size ping pong table. This is the real deal. Husband versus wife, parent versus child… it will all go down here.

The Big Picture

The final piece to this brand new basement is a tribute to the old basement useage. There will be an exercise room just off of the games area. There will be some stationary equipment and free weights. The main purpose here will be training to get to the “extra dark black belt” level of ping pong.

Follow this story to see how the basement takes shape.

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Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

This wall will feature built-in white cabinets with a gas fireplace surrounded by some stone-work and natural wood mantle. The cabinet boxes are already in place and the fireplace and mantle are installed. The mantle is made from a single piece of rough-cut wood. The wiring is in place for a television that will rest on the mantle and for some feature lighting on either side. The television wiring runs through conduit to a custom recessed shelving area on the lower side wall. This will house all of the audio/visual equipment.

Cranston Basement Development

Cranston Basement Development

The design of this fully customized wine room calls for custom natural wood built-in cabinetry and granite counter tops on a backdrop of natural stone masonry. The lighting is strategically placed to highlight featured pieces and decor. The wine room will also have a full size wine cooler seamlessly integrated with the custom cabinetry.

Calgary Wine Room Renovation

Stay tuned to see the final product!!

Final Product

Let The Good Times Roll

The project is complete and this basement is ready for movie night, relaxing by the fire, enjoying wine, and/or competative ping-pong tournaments. The TV area is completely free from wires thanks to the hidden conduit and recessed technology space on the wall. The lighting highlights the sublte hues and south-western style decor.

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Bottled Poetry...

This custom wine room is a stand-out feature that brings a solemnity to the basement experience and allows the homeowners to pursue their shared passion. With capacity for over 150 bottles, both chilled and room-temprature, this room will house wines of all kinds and vintages.

Calgary Wine Room Renovations

Take A Tour

Take A Tour

Walk through this basement renovation and see how the home has been customized to support the family it houses. The previously unfinished basement now provides exercise, entertainment, and comfort. Take note of the cutom buil-in cabinetry and enjoy the south-western decor!