Torch Awards for Ethics Finalist 2021



Standards for Trust:

Build Trust:  Fire Ant has built trust with all stakeholders – engineers, property managers, customers, suppliers, sub-trades.  Repeat business and collaboration to ensure quality projects, is the foundation of partnership with these stakeholders.

Advertise Honestly:  Fire Ant’s participation in trade shows and home renovation events allows potential customers to meet the owners and supervisors as a first step in developing a trusting relationship.

Tell the Truth: Telling the truth not only results in repeat customers and referrals, but is integral to living the values the company lives by.

Be Transparent:  Fire Ant wants fairness for both the customer and the company.  Quotes are prepared and presented to the customers and if accepted followed up with a contract which outlines all expectations and parameters.

Honour Promises:  Trade agreements are signed by all sub-trades and warranty documents are provided to all customers.  At the start of a project schedules are made and communicated to the customer and sub-trades.  If there is a change of schedule, this too is communicated and explained.  If there are unexpected costs, these are approved ahead of the work being completed.

Be Responsive:  Feedback is responded to and resolved as soon as possible with all stakeholders. 

Safeguard Privacy:  The privacy of all stakeholders is respected.  Any pictures of projects or project information that is shared has the proper permission and releases.

Embody Integrity:  Fire Ant encourages all employees, as well as the organization to be accountable for actions and results, and take responsibility for all transactions.