What Kind of Windows?

Calgary Window Repairs

When it comes to your windows, how much do you actually know? There are a variety of building materials used in window construction, and they each have their own features and benefits. Knowing what you have can help you properly maintain your windows and achieve their maximum useful lifespan. Knowing what is available will help you know what you want in your home when it is time to replace the windows.

PVC Windows

Using PVC materials in window construction has made it a lot more affordable to replace your windows. PVC is durable and easy to maintain. The entire window unit is made from the same material and is most commonly produced in a white or in a slightly off-white colour. Additional PVC colours are uncommon and are usually discouraged due to the eventually fading. PVC windows do not require any paint and they can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

 Aluminum Clad Windows

Aluminum clad windows use aluminum components on the exterior side of the window and wood components on the interior. The aluminum can be painted any colour during the production process, which gives you more options for design. The wood components act as a natural insulator and make the windows easy to install. It is crucial to ensure that the windows are properly sealed. We have seen some poorly designed windows that allow water to penetrate into the wood components causing them to rot.

Hybrid Windows

Hybrid windows are a combination of aluminum and PVC, bringing you the best of both materials. The aluminum exterior provides additional strength and can be produced in virtually any colour. The interior comes in white or off-white and is low maintenance and easy to clean. Hybrid windows are also generally less expensive than traditional aluminum clad windows.

Interior Jambs

Both the PVC Windows and the Hybrid Windows are able to incorporate a wood jamb interior. The wood can be painted or stained to match your existing themes. 

Energy Efficiency & Glazing

In Alberta it is required by law to have at least double-pane windows. The additional pane creates a thermal insulation against the low winter temperatures. Argon gas is used between the panes for maximum energy efficiency. An energy efficient home presents a more comfortable environment and costs less to maintain (heating and AC expenses). It is also better for the environment. Many homeowners are taking the next step to a triple-pane window for additional efficiency. The additional pane adds an extra layer of thermal insulation and also reduces the solar heat gain.