Understanding Fire Ant's Warranty Program

Fire Ant Contracting Warranty Program

What Is A Warranty?

In the construction industry a warranty is a written guarantee that any defects in the products or services provided will be the liability of the provider for a certain period of time. It is common practice for contractors to include their warranty information in a written contract with each homeowner. The warranty inclusion motivates contractors to always do their best work and it reassures homeowners that they will be taken care of if something doesn’t turn out right. A written warranty is binding and is enforceable by law.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

The actual materials and products used for your home renovations most often include a warranty from the manufacturer of the products. Warranties add value to the products and are one of the ways that manufacturers compete with each other for your business. When you make your product selections pay attention to the which products have better warranties. Remember that some warranties are conditional on the products being installed correctly by a trained professional. Contractors should be able to provide proof of their qualifications.

Warranty on Workmanship:

Contractors in Alberta are required to provide a warranty of at least one year on their workmanship. A warranty on workmanship is a promise that all work was done correctly, and any defects that arise throughout the warranty period will be rectified by the contractor. All warranty information, including any exclusions, should be provided in writing and included with the signed contract. Warranty confusion can result in a bad experience for homeowners and contractors alike.

Fire Ant’s Warranty Program:

Warranty On Workmanship:

Fire Ant is committed to a higher standard of renovation excellence which is reflected in our warranty program. Each renovation project includes a two-year warranty from the date of substantial completion on all workmanship provided throughout the project. If homeowners notice any defects that resulted from poor workmanship they are simply required to provide written notice to us. Written notice must be provided within reasonable time of noticing the defect, and prior to the warranty expiring.

Manufacturer Warranties:

To help homeowners maximize the benefits of their selected products we make sure that they are aware of and understand the included manufacturer warranties. Fire Ant will convey to the Owner any warranties by manufacturers or suppliers on individual materials, products or systems supplied by Fire Ant under the Contract. All warranty documents will be brought together into one package that can be kept safe and transferred if you sell your home. It is important to note that not all warranties are transferable. The best time to review warranty information is throughout the product selection process, but we are available throughout the course of the project to answer any questions.

Sub-Trades And Suppliers:

The final part of our warranty relates to sub-contractor work and suppliers that provide products or materials for the project. Fire Ant will hold the homeowner harmless from any contractual obligations with any sub-trades and suppliers. This means that we are responsible for the agreements that we make with sub-trades and suppliers, and that we will manage all included obligations, whatever they may be. This extra assurance gives homeowners peace of mind in knowing that everyone involved has been fairly dealt with.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions related to our warranty program don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to go through it with you or send more information.