Making Project Selections

How To Avoid Choice Overload

Making Product Selections

We all dream of new designs and possible renovations for our homes. That is why we love watching HGTV and spending time on Instagram and Houzz. The excitement that comes from searching through possibilities and making selections for your own project is intense and almost addictive. Some people know exactly what they want, but others may be experiencing “choice overload” when having to decide between so many fantastic alternatives. If this is you, then we have some advice to help you get through the selection process, loving every minute of it.

Find A Style That Suits You

Homes, like people, have a personality derived from their unique traits and characteristics. The variation of colours, the finishing textures and pattern combinations are a few of the elements that work together to create a distinctive atmosphere. Your home should support or complement your personality. Find a style that you can relate to – something you are comfortable with. There are limitless galleries and images online to scroll through, but you may have a better experience actually visiting a show-home or recent renovation project. Keeping a personal “look-book” can help you define your ideal style.

Work With A Designer

A professional interior designer can help with their years of experience and expertise. They can help you find your style and apply it to a physical space. Remember that you are planning something that you will be experiencing every day for the foreseeable future. Some professional help goes a long way.

Create A Colour Palette

A colour palette can take you a step further as you define your personal style and determine how it will be applied to your home. Complementary colours and tones will help maintain the desired mood or atmosphere in each room. Connected spaces can be easily blended for consistency and energy flow. If you are planning separate styles for different areas in the home, multiple palettes will be beneficial.

Know Where To Start

It is often recommended to start making selections in the largest, or most centrally located room. In most modern layouts, this will be the kitchen, which is considered the heart of the home. Kitchens are where families spend most of their time together. They are also one of the most often show-off spaces. Starting from the kitchen and working outward will help keep a smooth flow.